Landscape is for everyone in the UK startup investment ecosystem.

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Meet Lucy.

Say hey to Lucy!

Lucy's VC has just helped her startup through a really rough patch. They went above and beyond to support Lucy and the team, and Lucy wants to show her appreciation for their support.

Lucy uses Landscape to leave a glowing review of the VC. This, in turn, helps to raise the investor's reputation as a good actor, so more startups contact the VC and increase their startup dealflow.


Meet Jamie.

Say hey to Jamie!

Jamie is raising a seed round for his startup. As a first time founder, Jamie has no idea how to differentiate between "smart money" and "dumb money". ‍

Jamie uses Landscape Reviews and their rating categories to find investors that add genuine value to startups. Using the reviews from other founders, Jamie is able to make more informed decisions and find the 'smart money'.


Meet Stylish Capital.

Say hey to Stylish Capital!

Stylish Capital are a seed fund that aim to be ultra founder friendly. ‍

Stylish Capital are a Verified Partner and use Landscape Insights to help iterate on and improve their investment processes. They are proud of their Landscape profile and welcome honest feedback.


Meet Aliyah.

Aliyah’s startup is struggling, and she feels like she can’t talk to anybody about the issues she's facing. ‍

Aliyah uses the anonymous Landscape community to publicly ask for help from fellow founders. She's safe in the knowledge that her identity is protected.


Meet Henry.

Say hey to Henry!

Henry was in talks with a VC that strung him along for months, with no intention of investing, and then invested in his closest competitor. ‍

Henry uses Landscape to leave an honest and fair review of the interaction. His Landscape Review warns future founders of the investor's behaviour to avoid a repetition of his fundraising experience.


Meet Maggie.

Say hey to Maggie!

Maggie is Stylish Capital's Managing Partner, and notices her team keeps losing out on deals. ‍

Maggie uses Landscape to see how her team are performing, what is working well and what needs improving for Stylish Capital to close more investments.


Meet Lizzie.

Say hey to Lizzie!

Lizzie's startup is raising capital. She has a meeting with a VC firm who don't end up investing. However, the investor did provide brilliant feedback on her business, and made introductions who did end up investing.

Lizzie uses Landscape to praise the firm, encouraging other founders to meet the VC regardless of whether they end up investing or not.


Meet Amanda.

Say hey to Amanda!

Amanda is an Investment Director at Stylish Capital. She goes above and beyond for her portfolio companies whenever she can. ‍

Amanda wears her firm's Landscape profile like a badge of honour, and encourages her portfolio companies to review her honestly.


Meet Jack.

Say hey to Jack!

Jack's startup is fundraising, but is extremely short on runway, so time is of the essence. ‍

Jack uses Landscape to identify investors with a fast close time, as rated by hundreds of founders that have raised and left Landscape Reviews.

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