• Anonymity: Landscape reviews are without exception, ALWAYS ANONYMOUS.
  • No biases: No biases in any way shape or form affect reviews. All reviews are published unedited, provided they do not breach our community standards.
  • The more the merrier: you can, and should, submit as many reviews as you are able to.

Landscape without reviews would be like summer without sun, like roast dinner without roast potatoes, like Batman without Robin, like salt without pepper. You get the picture.

Reviews are what make Landscape Landscape.

So what better way to kick off our ‘Reviews’ series than with an in-depth breakdown of what a Landscape review is.

Welcome to Landscape reviews 101.

Now, before we go any further, the foremost thing about reviews is that they are ALWAYS ANONYMOUS. No personally identifiable information is publicly displayed on any of your reviews.

This is an integral part of the efficacy of Landscape’s reviews. We want Founders to feel safe and comfortable in leaving honest, truly representative comments about their experiences without fear of tarnishing their reputation, being penalised or harming their future chances of interacting with investors.

Admittedly, this anonymity raises a common concern amongst investors. That is, how does Landscape protect against unfair, overly negative reviews left in bad faith?

Of course, this is a valid question, one which we constantly bear in mind. However, of the collection of reviews gathered so far, such appraisals make up just a fraction of the total number of reviews on Landscape.

There is also the worry that those founders not funded will leave overly negative reviews by way of retaliation or spite. But yet again, of all the reviews on Landscape, these are fractional and extremely rare.

Thus, from what we have, and continue to, see, whilst such concerns might be well-founded, they are misplaced.

When it comes to completing a review, it takes, on average, less than 2 minutes to complete and anyone who has had an interaction with an investor can leave one.

To begin, you will be asked to provide an email. This is to help us moderate and verify the review (and to link it to your account should you wish to remove or edit it at a later date).

Depending on whether your review is for a VC or an Accelerator you’ll be asked slightly different questions.

For VCs you will be asked to provide ratings from 1-5 on various criteria such as Approachability, Response time, Punctuality, Diversity, Beyond money and Terms.

For Accelerators, you will cover similar criteria but will also consider things like Mentors, Cohort quality, Post-programme support and the Application process.

If you rate an investor lower than 4 on any criteria, we will ask you why they lost marks.

This is because Landscape is not being built to just ‘rate & review’ investors. We want to build something that brings value to BOTH founders and investors.

Where necessary, additional feedback is thus super important in allowing us to help investors better understand how they can improve and, in turn, provide a better experience for future founders that interact with them.

The final two questions we ask are qualitative in nature. You’ll be asked to 1. Provide a qualitative review of the interaction with the VC or Accelerator and 2. Provide any advice you have for said VC or Accelerator. These questions tend to provide some of the most valuable insights.

And that’s it. Done and dusted. In the time it takes you to brew a cuppa you’ve done something that significantly helps founders in similar positions and have contributed your (valuable) two cents to an amazing, supportive community.

So what happens next?

Once submitted, the review goes into a ‘holding pen’ where it waits to be verified by a member of the Landscape team.

This is to ensure that the review has been left by a real person and not a bot or bad actor, and that the review doesn’t contain certain profanities, is not slanderous nor an ad hominem attack (as opposed to constructive negative criticism).

As always, if there is anything personally identifiable in the review, it is removed.

Once these checks have been made, wallah! The review is submitted to Landscape’s platform and listed on the investor's profile, open for everyone to see and benefit from.

And that’s it. A quick, whistle stop tour of how Landscape reviews work.

Our next post in the Review series will talk about what makes a great Landscape review, be it a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ one. We want to show what helpful reviews look like, so keep your eyes peeled, especially if you’re planning on leaving one!