We announced Landscape to the world just over 2 weeks ago. The response since – from the entire ecosystem – has been really positive.

The Landscape Reviews founders have submitted so far have been exactly what we'd hope we'd get. We've been really impressed by both the quality of reviews, and of the founders leaving them.

After some initial conversations with our founding Verified Partners, one common theme emerged;

"How are you going to protect against founders leaving overly negative reviews because we turned them down?"

This was, of course, something we've long been discussing internally. We're pleased to say that the first two weeks of reviews have made us re-consider whether this is going to be as big of a challenge as we'd originally thought.

So far, the reviews submitted from founders who received a "no" from a VC or Accelerator have been an honest and balanced account of the interaction (we've checked). This has been further reflected by the fact that as we stand today, the average score from a founder that didn't receive investment is higher than the average score of those that did.

It's still early days for Landscape.

But, our reviews so far – coupled with the enthusiasm and Verified Partner applications we've had from the VC and Accelerator communit – is giving us hope that collectively we're all going to work together to build the best Landscape we can.

The final two questions on the Landscape Review asks founders to:

a) Provide a qualitative review of the interaction with the VC or Accelerator and;

b) Provide any advice they may have for the VC or Accelerator

We wanted to share a few of our highlights from these two questions with you.

All names (identifiers for funds, accelerators, staff and startups) have been redacted.

Letters With Chair
Photo by Bundo Kim / Unsplash

"Keep up the high standards. It can’t be a yes all the time but I, as a Founder, left that interaction with {name redacted} feeling positive and also received valuable feedback."

"I would encourage {name redacted} to really try to listen to feedback from other board members, other VCs and their founders."

"Automate some of your internal processes to help you cover more ground with your small team."

"Working with {name redacted} has been pretty great so far, they've re-invested when they said they would, they throw great networking events, and {name redacted} is the easiest VC I've ever dealt with. They're a great team who clearly care about what they are doing and the founders they back."

"Worry less about how you are perceived and more about your process, structure and support."

"Develop a deeper investor network. Invest in the founder community. Focus more on cohorts of business type, not just general sectors where you can leverage learnings and build more solid programmes."

"Great conversation, and even though we are too early for them, {name redacted} is going out of his way to connect us with other suitable people in his network and keep the conversation going."

"Decide what you want to be. Are you working for the university, or supporting your incubated companies. Right now, you're doing neither particularly well."

"Very inspiring and supportive environment to work in and the community is exceptional."

"All members of the {name redacted} team genuinely care about you as both a founder and a team. If your ideas are weird and you look at things differently, you'll be welcomed."

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